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Gina's Place · a present for Audrie
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You are sitting on your bed preparing for the night.

In a sudden flash of light
an old magican appears to you
and giving you a warm smile he says:

"In this night, when you are sleeping,
you shall dream of beeing really that little girl
you always want to be.
There will be a costume party in your dream
and before you go to bed you have to decide,
what costume you'll like to wear.
Now little girl, whisper in my ear
what costume you would like to wear!"

"... *whisper* ..."

Rising an eyebrow he's looking at you.
"OK - little lady,
if this is what you want -
you will get it!"

He claps his hands three times and holds out the rights one.
A magic wand appears, having a red glowing gem on one side.
Pointing with the other hand to you he begins to lay the spell on you:

" ... ...

With the last word the magican vanishes into another dimension
eyes twinkling - to fulfill another dream....

Have a nice dream, Audrie!
And remember, this present only works once...

Kisses, Gina

(Maybe one day you'll tell me about this dream??)


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