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I do believe in the freedom of speech and the general freedom of information. All the pictures you can see on my site have their sources somewhere else in the internet. In general, I do not alter them, except in this cases:

  • They are too big to fit on my pages in the way I think they should. A little resize and may be an sharpening filter is all I need.

  • I don't need the whole picture to lead your fantasy in the direction I want. Then I take only the part of the picture I need. Maybe some brightness correction if the part I need was not the main motive of the original picture.

For all those people, who made an effort to produce them and bring them online: THANKS. If you see your pictures here and don't like this, PLEASE drop me an email and I'll remove them. I will always try to link to the source, so all the vistors can explore for their own. Sometimes I don't remember, where the originals came from - so if you found out, that I used pictures owned by you, please let me know. I will always use only pictures from sites, which are free to be browsed by anybody - and so as the owners of these sites give its content to ALL the people in the world - I do the same. I try not to embed pictures directly, although this is the way I would prefer. But what happens, if somebody decide to remove a special picture? Of course: there would be a broken link in my pages. Only to avoid the maintenance task to control all the links I made a copy for my own. For the same reason I will only link to the "homepage"-URL's, not to special subdirectories or files.


No rules without exception. I took some photos of me... (25-Sep-98)

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