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The Shadow dancer
in german. A translation of this wonderful poem from Leah MacLean, done by me.
Spanking lovers - this way please...
a new directory, including CD/TG/BD/SM stuff. Try it!
my first pictures!
my first "do it yourself" banner is ready.
my own house at GeoCities
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Chapter 4 of "secrets and games" added
my own domain
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Cathryn (BD)
Gina's Place: welcome to the place, where my dreams come true...
+++ 24-Nov-98 The Shadow dancer in german! Check it out!!! +++

Hello everybody and welcome to my place. On the following pages you'll find something about me, crossdressing, transgender and bondage.


If you like to hear music, just follow the link on the left! Enjoy your stay and come back from time to time - I love it to have guests.

Please sign/read my guestbook or email me!

Welcome "Girls" to Gina's Place!

Hugs, GINA

My pages are designed for a resolution of 800x600 and TrueColor. I hope they look great on YOUR system... If you encounter any problems, just send me an email!

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SexciteS LoGoSexCites
I am always looking for directories at the 'net with some good links for the TG/CD and BD/SM community. SexCites seems to be quite new (or did I only never heard about them?). Anyway - I left a link to it on my pages - give it a try and tell me if you like it or not...  (23-Nov-98)

Raven Hill Studios - a site for spanking lovers
Some days ago I got a mail from Aaron, the webmaster of this site. He was asking for a link swap. I thought a lot about it... Finally I decided to place a link AND to tell you why. I don't like pain. I hate it. This site will never deal with painful things. But I also do respect all of you beeing into this kind of erotic. I wish you all the best with it - may you enjoy it as much as possible. But because this is nothing I'm into you won't find anything about it here. Please be my guest as long as you like and enjoy my company, but for this special request PLEASE be so kind as to to accept my apology AND my advice to have a look at Aaron's site instead. With love and care, Gina. (23-Nov-98)

WebDesign & related stuff
While working on these pages I gained some experience in designing webpages. I also visited a lot of sites offering free stuff (counter/tracker, guestbook, chat, (animated) graphics, mail- and URL-forwarding, ...). Sometimes I even do some graphics by my own (like the rotating neon-girl on the left or my first "do it yourself" banner at the top). If you think, that you need a helping hand - drop me an email, maybe I can do something for you... (18-Sep-98)

A new home for me!
Since the main goal of these pages is to get in contact with other people and to publish some of my thoughts and fantasies, I decided to join the WestHollywood community at GeoCities. I am fascinated by the idea of having my own house at the WestHollywood Park No. 5598! I'll see, which place is better for me to live in... Stay tuned. (15-Sep-98)

my own domain
I recently stumbled about a free service by CJB - they give YOU your own (sub)domainname! I tried it and now you can reach me via: or
That's wonderful, isn't it? I hope, they don't kill these accounts, because I am writing a little bit about CD/TG/BD... Let's wait and see!

++ HELP ++ HELP ++ HELP ++ HELP ++
Since I'm a "virtual person", I'm "faceless". But I would like to have a picture of me to greet all the visitors stopping by! Maybe YOU can do some computer art and send it to me?

Thanks to everybody, which helped to make these pages possible, especially Tripod, GoWeb, GuestWorld, eXTReME, GeoCities, XOOM, ..., and all the people, which wrote articles about designing webpages...

Kisses, Gina

It is a little bit confusing - even for me ;-) - to have more than one address. That's why I wrote them all down. The "real" addresses are marked bold, the aliases / redirections narrow. I hope this helps...

crossdress(ing), transgender, bondage; stories, links, pictures Gina's Place(s) @ Internet
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