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Hi, my name is Gina. (It's the name I've choosen for me, not the name my parents gave me.) The funny thing with the internet is, that you don't know exactly where it will end when you start a surfin' session :-) and so one day I came in contact with information about some ... special aspects ... of ... you, me and all the other people out there. So I've discovered, that I'm not alone with my interests and feelings and I decided to build this little place in the web. Sometimes I think "hehe - you are a little bit crazy, aren't you", but seeing the whole thing I found my freedom knowing that I'm not alone. This place is for ME and for YOU. I invite you to come in, make you as comfortable as possible and have a good time. Maybe we can talk a little bit, maybe we just hang around... maybe we smooth the lights and hear some music. If you thought, that this site has something to do with sex, you have come to the false place. In life at first comes the erotic, the fantasy, the imagination, ... then comes a long time nothing ... may be it ends with sex, maybe not. So it isn't important, which sex you are, it is important towards which gender you are tending to. Maybe male, maybe female, maybe somewhere between. The most important thing is, that you like it what you are - and so I do.

I never thought, that this would happen. Never(!). But finally I did it. I wasn't as succesful as I hoped, but that doesn't count. I wanted a picture, and I wanted it badly. So when I discovered my chance, I didn't let it go. Today, when I look at this picture, I still can't believe it... Unfortunately I made a big mistake: the flash :-(( Up from my waist you can't see anything but the flashlight reflecting in the mirror. I tried to make the best of it, anyway. So I hope you'll enjoy it. If you ask me - aren't these legs much too beautiful to hide them in trousers all the time? I think, they look great in tights... A short black skirt (ending lets say two hands above the knee) - or better a black party dress of the same length - would be a perfect addition, along with some medium high, black patent leather heels. And then - dancing! I like music and I like to dance and so I always wondered, how it would feel to dance the woman's part... I know, "never say never", but I believe, this dream will ne... come true. (24-Sep-98)

That's me. Well, at least a part of me :-)

I was in a playful mood, once I gained some composure while I was crossdressed. So I took a silky girdle and tied it in a bow around my feet and ankles. Then I sat down in a typical feminine style: knees closed, legs in a light angle. I liked what I saw - enough to make a second photo. What do YOU think about it? Well, I think it is true, that WE share a very special gift. The desires and the fantasies we have aren't something bad, they are something good. It's like a present somebody gave us. And a present should be parceled and decorated well... ;-) (25-Sep-98)

A present... from me - for me. (and if you like it: for you too.)

Deep inside yourself,
between your wishes and your fantasies,
you will find your true identity.
Don't hide it any longer.


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P.S. Did I mentioned that I'm german? No? Please be so kind as to excuse my english, will you?

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