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Hello everybody and welcome to my chatroom. Although I myself chat VERY seldom due to the very high online costs in Germany, I think it is a good idea to have a chatroom of my own. Maybe I need it some day. The good thing is the very easy and customizable user interface. On the other hand: you need a JAVA-enabled browser to use this chat... To enter the chat area, type in your name and give some words as your profile (if you want to). Then press the button. That's it. But be warned: YOU ARE ONLINE ALL THE TIME YOU ARE CHATTING!
Another hint: double-clicking on a user on the right panel opens a private chat channel. That's great, isn't it? (I haven't tested it yet - please let me know, if it works...)

Hugs, Gina
P.S. If you want to chat with ME, please contact me first via email.

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